Bioscience Commercial Development

- Core Services Offered by the Firm -

By working collaboratively with its client partners to harness the power of genomics for translating innovative and converging bio-nano-info-technologies into transformative system solutions, CDx Precision Health leverages its broad capabilities to help organizations with strategic roadmap planning, financial-driven risk analysis and decision making throughout the product life cycle from concept to commercialization. Other client services include the following:

Technological Innovation Assessment:

Employs the firm’s multi-disciplinary molecular biology strengths combined with its chemical and biomolecular engineering expertise to evaluate emerging technologies relative to the competition as part of the innovation scouting and due-diligence process, including comprehensive landscaping and visualization mapping as well as benchmarking technical feasibility and quantifying performance metrics.

Intellectual Property Appraisal:

Applies the group’s patent analysis experience and legal knowledge to evaluate proprietary technologies for all phases of the IP life cycle involving creation, protection and enforcement. Strengths encompass assessing and mitigating potential patent infringement and business transactional risks by conducting preliminary freedom-to-operate determinations, competitive IP landscaping, patent coverage and claim mapping. This highly complex information is communicated to clients by developing and presenting visually compelling and insightful IP materials.

Emerging Market Evaluation:

Engages in discovery-driven market assessments, trend forecasting and systems analysis of targeted therapeutics combined with omics-driven drug-discovery and diagnostic testing tools, among other disruptive life science methods, compositions of matter and informatics software. The firm conducts emerging market-segmentation and sizing research as well as forward-looking competitive business intelligence in addition to new customer development and validation.

Strategic Roadmap Planning:

As an accomplished roadmapping authority, the management consultancy concentrates on technology-IP-market gap analysis to assess ‘build vs. buy’ opportunities. With a particular focus on biotools, the group quantifies new product functionality relative to unmet customer needs to enable data-driven decision-making. By developing parallel positioning scenarios and strategic commercialization plans, the firm assists driving its client’s proprietary product offerings to the marketplace.

Resource Allocation Analysis:

Optimize R&D, product development and other funding choices by treating these capital budgeting or multi-stage investments as Real Options for valuing the resulting operational flexibility associated with allocating resources. Probability-adjusted financial frameworks have been deployed, including econometric decision-tree models and Monte Carlo simulations that support the firm’s wide-ranging valuation-driven practices of strategy development and risk/reward assessments.

Business Development Deal Making:

By leveraging its formidable financial-forecasting and profitability-analysis acumen as well as extensive corporate development and due-diligence experience, the consulting group assists in assessing and executing value-led licensing and collaborative alliances plus M&A transactions, including structuring, negotiating and driving to closure BD agreements. The commercial potential of proprietary technologies along with the economic impact of emerging business and other partnering opportunities are rigorously evaluated and subsequently guide the deal-making process.