CDx Precision Health

Strategic consultancy investigating the pharmacoeconomics of companion diagnostics (CDx)-stratified targeted therapeutics.

Are your adversaries walking all over you?

With broad and deep experience, CDx Precision Health is strongly positioned to address its unmet client needs directed to valuation-driven risk/reward decision analysis.


As a virtual strategic management-consulting practice, CDx Precision Health serves its discriminating customers highly efficiently and cost-effectively with minimal overhead.


By connecting, creating and collaborating with its customers, the firm provides powerful value-added services, including financial forecasting + commercial roadmap planning.


CDx Precision Health offers responsive and timely customized Health Economic Outcomes Research (HEOR) results tailor made and with client satisfaction guaranteed.

Don’t let your adversaries defeat you!
CDx Precision Health is helping level the financial-playing field among the various stratified healthcare stakeholders. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help bolster your CDx company’s business development deal-negotiation position versus your opponents.